Zentree – universal docking station for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Have multiple mobile devices nowadays — it’s not a luxury, and often the need. However, while wireless charging technology does not become a truly mass phenomenon, and batteries rarely last more than a day, you have to put up with the presence on the desktop of several cables.

You can solve the problem with the help of charging docks, of which there is a huge amount on the market, and today we will tell about one of them, called Zentree. It was developed by the Swiss company Gelid, based in hong kong, and currently, startup authors are collecting money, necessary to start mass production, on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

The design of the Zentree is quite original — there are no special places for specific devices, instead, there are 24 silicone supports, allow you to install a smartphone, tablet or smart watch in any convenient position. At the same time, cables from mobile devices are not visible, as they are connected to the hub inside the plastic tray through special openings in the lid, and outside there is only one connector for powering the docking station itself. The undoubted advantage of Zentree is ease of use — silicone cover can be removed by lightly pressing and also easy to clean, and then set in place.

Zentree allows you to charge up to four devices simultaneously. For this, there is a corresponding number of USB connectors inside the case (2,4 A for each with a total output power of 48 W). Also, the developers used a smart IC chip, allowing to effectively distribute the current between devices of different types and automatically stop its flow at 100% charge.

From the Editor: We were lucky to test the sample Zentree. The device will be quite useful if you have many mobile gadgets at home or in the office. The main advantage of the docking station is universal — Zentree allows you to simultaneously charge almost any mobile device (smartphones, tablets, «smart» clock) from various manufacturers. Charging is fast enough even when four devices are connected at once.

It is also necessary to note the interesting implementation of the installation site for gadgets. Silicone cover with original supports prevents contact between the bodies of the charging devices, thereby protecting them from possible scratches.