Yankai’s Triangle is a bright and unusual puzzle game for iPhone and iPad

Yankai’s Triangle is an extraordinary and extremely bright puzzle from the studio Kenny Sun, in which players have to collect puzzles from triangles.

The game has an interesting graphic design using all shades of the rainbow and a huge number of levels, different in complexity, so in color saturation.

If in other similar games the difficulty level increases sequentially, here at an extremely difficult level can go very simple, while colors can be muted on one level and dazzling bright on another. Before each level there is a map with its number and certain characters appear, whose meaning can be understood, only to be attentive.

The meaning of what is happening is to collect puzzles from triangles, which has the appearance of a pattern from a kaleidoscope. The vertices of each triangle are colored in different colors and you can only connect the figures, if the colors match. At first, Yankai’s Triangle seems simple, especially those, who already have experience playing Triominos, but as you move forward the game gets harder, and the developers do not offer any explanations and will have to understand the intricacies of the game mechanics.

In fact, Yankai’s Triangle – This is a game, which reveals its cards gradually. Even apart from the original design, the game is captivating, allowing you to relax, just collecting combinations of triangles.

Yankai’s Triangle does not punish for mistakes. You can go back a few levels, to take apart the puzzle and reassemble it, but there is no time limit or any other. Yankai’s Triangle is not so intense, like other games of this kind, but her calmer pace, relatively simple visual style and good soundtrack create an almost hypnotic atmosphere.

Anyway, explain in words, what is yankai’s Triangle is impossible. It’s fantastic, strange puzzle, which will force you «wiggle».

IPhone compatible app, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 8.0 and later.