What should one do when one’s iPhone does not work on Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi pictogram is grey)

The problem with Wi-Fi upon the iPhone, whether it’s iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, or iPhone 5S is of the most widespread ones making users visit service centers. In some cases iPhone is unable to find wireless networks. In other cases the phone can see them without connection, or Wi-Fi icon in the settings becomes inactive (the so-called “grey” Wi-Fi upon the iPhone).

Thus, the reasons of Wi-Fi inactivity may vary. What causes problems with Wi-Fi abear upon the iPhone, and what must be done to fix the fault depend on the phone model.
Why may Wi-Fi upon the iPhone be grayed out?

The most widespread Wi-Fi inactivity aberrarations can be caused by several aspects:

  1. A mechanical action (drop or shock).
  2. Short circuit on the supply chain.
  3. Moisture.
  4. Software failure or error.

Depending on the causes of Wi-Fi problems, the way of appearance of the fault can be different as well: iPhone sees Wi-Fi network, but not connects to it; iPhone does not discern the Wi-Fi or the Wi-Fi activation point in the control menu is unavailable (Wi-Fi pictogram is grey and inactive).

In cause the problems lie in some software or firmware error, iPhone firmware recovery usually helps. In this case, you must first save all the data, connect your iPhone to your PC, switch on a special service recovery mode and reboot the iPhone.

If the problem lies in the wireless module itself, it is urgent to open the device and immediately repair it or even replace the Wi-Fi chip. Practically, the presence of Wi-Fi mechanical problems on the iPhone is extremely common upon the iPhone 4S and less common on the iPhone 5 / 5S. Solving such problems takes a few stounds of the repairer’s work; the procedure itself is rather complicated and time-consuming, for it requires the use of special equipment and experience in repairing iPhones including the most difficult works with the processor board.

In any case, regardless of the causes of Wi-Fi failure, it can only be solved with high quality by an experienced engineer or service center, specializing at Apple’s production. As a rule, if the cause of the problems with Wi-Fi lies in the Wi-Fi module, the only correct solution to the problem is the immediate repair of Wi-Fi on the iPhone.

Be it a possible task to repair Wi-Fi on the iPhone on one’s own?

Of course, in the Internet there is a plenty of instructions and tips on what could be done, when no Wi-Fi is available upon the iPhone. Apple’s official website, for example, advises to reboot the device, reset the network configuration upon the phone or, at last, make sure your iPhone has the software updated. Somewhere it is claimed that the iPhone should be turned off and put in the abraded freezer to cool the processor card and make the Wi-Fi module work. Another way is to heat your phone so as to restore contact between Wi-Fi module and motherboard.

To be honest, neither of the options is a complete solution to the problem, though the second one, may help so that Wi-Fi upon the iPhone will work again, but only during a short period of time.