Whether to close applications on the iPhone or iPad – Apple’s official response

Craig Federigi, senior vice president of software engineering at Apple, dispelled the myth, that shutting down unused applications on the iPhone or iPad will help save smartphone battery power.

One of the fans «malic» products named Caleb sent a letter to company head Tim Cook, in which asked a question, does it close the application in the multitasking window and does it really extend the work of the smartphone offline. Caleb got the answer from Federigi, stated: «No and no».

The myth of the need to close unused applications has been around for quite a while. This statement is believed by many users, and some reputable publications even offered this solution as a advice on saving battery power.

As explained by a former employee of Apple, now Kyle Richter, executive director of MartianCraft, Constant closing of applications in the multitasking window only contributes to the depletion of the battery charge.

«Many people think, that the forced shutdown of applications will not do any harm, insofar as “they still don’t work”. The process of closing the program itself requires a certain amount of energy. In some cases, when these resources are necessary for the operation of the smartphone, shutting down the application will drain battery power. However, modern smartphones have significant memory, and you will be surprised, how often can applications just be in “limbo”. Probably, applications, which are used most often, no need to close at all. but, if you do it often, constant startup and shutdown significantly affect the battery level», — noted richter.

Of course, Federigs did not give such a lengthy explanation. but, word specialist, familiar with the specifics of iOS, can certainly be considered as the final point in this issue.