Where are photo booth snapshots stored on mac os x?

Photo Booth — excellent staffing OS X application, allows you to take a picture or record video from a FaceTime camera, MacBook or iMac.

In this article we will understand, where do the filmed files go, after all, finding them through the Finder is not so easy.

Immediately after receiving the photo, series of shots (the program creates a collage of four images) or videotapes, all content is displayed on a special horizontal bar, located above the virtual shutter camera.

Photo Booth

Right from there, you can right-click on any file or selected data and export them to the desired location. Well, so what to do, if you want to work with the source files of the files? This task is completely solvable.

Where are the pictures stored

  1. Open Finder Explorer and create a new tab if necessary.
  2. In the left side menu, select a folder «Images», well, or in any convenient way go into it.
  3. Right click on the file «Photo Library Photo Booth» and select the context menu item «Show package contents».
  4. Open the folder «Pictures», in which will be located all the footage.
  5. JPEG images saved, MOV format videos.

Where is the Photo Booth file directory on Mac OS X?

If you want to access Photo Booth files via Terminal, you must enter the next path:

~/Pictures/Photo Booth Library/Pictures/

Take note of the fact, that all raw files using the filters built into Photo Booth are located in the folder «Originals», available in the following way:

~/Pictures/Photo Booth Library/Originals/