What to do if the iPhone / iPad / iPod hangs

Absolutely all owners of smartphones in particular, and smartphones such as the iPhone, are faced with the problem of freezing (which are considered the benchmark for quality).

But many fall into shock, when it happens, after all, the unsuspecting user of the new iPhone 6, eg, suddenly feels, that the phone does not respond to touch and even the HOME button does not save. Below we will look at, how can i wake up my iphone from temporary hibernation and inactivity.

Leave for a while

This method is quite simple, since we don’t need to do anything at all, just leave your iPhone alone and let it come to your senses. Sometimes it happens during games, I myself often come across this, that my phone did not respond to touching and pressing buttons, and as soon as a certain time passed and the phone cooled down (he was warm or even slightly hot) he continued his full-time job.

Reboot with the HOME and Power buttons

A very universal and fastest way to solve this problem is to simultaneously hold down 2 HOME and Power buttons for about 10 seconds (need to hold until the appearance of the apple, then release the buttons), after which the phone will reboot itself and will work again as it should, but still I recommend waiting for a start, as described in the first method above, as sometimes it is not necessary to restart the system at all, just wait, Well, and if it burns straight and you urgently need a smartphone, then please. By the way, using the HOME button and Power, you can make a screenshot on the iPhone/iPad/iPod.