What to do if iPhone is runnig out of battery

“iPhone quickly runs out of battery” – this is a common problem for clients who come to our service center because they are not satisfied with the “talk time” of their favorite gadget. And we have to acknowledge that the iPhone battery is becoming a frequent problem for iPhone users.

iPhone is discharged quickly due to the settings or errors in iOS

If your iPhone is quickly discharged because of the difficulties in iOS software, two main reasons should be distinguished, why it is happening and how can one fix it.

Errors that are connected with iOS system files

Since it has been possible to update iPhone operating system with the help of wireless connection wi-fi the usage of this device became for convenient. However, the convenience of receiving new version of iOS is not always good for your iPhone. In particular, a great number of users, who update their device using WI-FI are complaining that after the update their iPhone starts to discharge quickly than usually and does not hold a charge at all. In these cases reinsertion (recovery of iOS software) will solve this problem with the help of a computer and iTunes software.

Power consumption of the operating system that is not optimized

The settings of iOS operating system allows you to adjust the effects of the operating system’s interface, the usage of wireless interfaces, geolocation services, and also the order of receiving notifications and to separate updates for each software. But a majority of people who use  iPhones does not know about it, and as a result an operating system gets «hungry» and starts to consume a lot of energy, discharging your iPhone very quickly.

The consumption of energy in Apple operating system can be adjusted. But you have to pay attention to several options in iOS individual settings.

In addition to this, it should be mentioned that Apple has added a new special mode “Low Power Mode” to new operating system for iPhone. This mode can be activated in the setting of this device and it allows the operating system to consume less energy on iPhone: it reduces the whole productivity of the device and network activities: checking email, background update of the program; it deactivates all the motion effects as well as animation wallpapers.

iPhone is discharged quickly due to the hardware defect

If your iPhone is discharging very quickly, and it is not caused by errors or iOS settings, then the problem is connected with some kind of defect in your device. In most cases users are instantly thinking about changing the battery on their iPhones, however the real causes of this problem often can not be solved with installation of a new battery.

After long-term experience of repairing Apple devices the specialists of our service can distinguish several mechanical defects, that can cause a quick discharging of your iPhone`s battery:

  • run-out battery (a normal run-out due to the terms and conditions of device’s operation; infringement of the impermeability of a battery; polymerization of lithium inside the battery).
  • an increased consumption of the board (usually processor board even in a sleep mode is discharging the battery – as a rule, it is connected with malfunction of the power controller, that can be often observed on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s).
  • oxidation of the board or peripheral components can happen after it has been moistured.