What-to-do. Guide on iPhone Touchscreen Acting up Badly

Touchscreen problems may be referred to the most common issues that iPhone’s owners met on a frequent base. Various factors may cause such breakdown, but mechanical failure happens in major cases. A strong impact, as a result of device’s dropping, may cause incorrect touchscreen working or its complete failure.

The way of iPhone Touchscreen failure revealing:

  • iPhone’s touchscreen doesn’t respond when you touch it.
  • Certain spots (areas) of your iPhone’s touchscreen don’t recognize your touch.
  • iPhone’s touchscreen responds touches with delay.
  • iPhone’s touchscreen is operating by itself (iPhone launches apps, typing, scrolling home screens side to side by itself).

What to do if iPhone touchscreen doesn’t work?

  1. If the touchscreen’s failure happens periodically (it means that iPhone touchscreen works most of the time, but occasionally behaves badly), you had better first force your device to restart. Press and hold Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously no less than 10-15 seconds. iPhone must restart and Apple logo must erase on the screen.
  2. If your iPhone has screen protector or some protective case, which covers the screen partially or completely, remove it and check the touchscreen operability.

If the abovementioned actions didn’t solve the problem and touchscreen keeps acting up badly, it is worth thinking over applying to Apple service centre. Its employees will evaluate the failure and calculate the repair period. In case you have an extended warranty plan for your mobile device, your cracked display will be repaired for free. But if you have a regular phone insurance package, which is widely spread and you have poor protection plan options, it won’t cover a touchscreen mechanical failure and its replacement will cost you a certain amount out of your pocket.

Mostly, iPhone touchscreen replacement turns to be the best decision in case of such failures. iPhone touchscreen replacement is a commonplace repair procedure in Apple service centers. That is why the repair period usually doesn’t exceed one hour.

Uncommonly, the touchscreen failure is caused by motherboard’s damage or flow. In this case, you will have to leave iPhone in a service centre for a longer period in order the specialists could learn about the fault and correct it in the most qualitative way.


All iPhone generations from iPhone 4 and then-new models have touchscreen digitizer integrated into LCD display module, which consists of three elements (display, touchscreen and glass screen protector). So, if you have touchscreen destroyed you will have to replace display module assembly.

This is the reason why you’ll have to replace display module assembly even if your device has display failure only or breakdown of glass screen protector after device’s dropping or impact.

Why should you apply to professionals only for iPhone touchscreen replacement?

You had better trust your iPhone repair to people, who render proper services in the market of service maintenance and repair in spite of the multitude photo- and video content related to Apple mobile devices disassembly and its spare parts replacement.

The thing is that, there is a large amount of iPhone spare parts in the market that have various build quality. You can find there cheap copies and original parts, dismounted from new devices. Many unreliable service centers or sole proprietors dress up parts with low quality in the garb of original parts, fooling their customers.

It is also worth mentioning, that repair of any complex electronics (to which every Apple smartphone can be referred) requires special knowledge of the individual structure of this or that device. It is easy to make a stupid mistake without having information about device’s special features and its inner layout. Such mistakes may lead to unpleasant results from destroying other components of iPhone to its complete death.

Feel free to apply our service center for touchscreen replacement. Specialists of the center will provide high-quality and time-saving services targeted on your iPhone recovering thanks for their huge experience in this sphere, large knowledge of Apple mobile devices’ special features, and professional equipment.