What makes the iPhone 6s different from the iPhone 6: a detailed comparison

It has been quite a long time since the release of the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, and the first rumors about the next generation apple smartphone have already begun to appear. However, for many fans of Apple products is still an open question — whether to buy a model in 2015 or choose iPhone 7?

The main argument in favor of the second option — no significant difference between iphone 6 and iphone 6s. However, there are differences and they are much more significant, what it seems at first glance. It is about them and talk in this material.


Visually distinguishing the iPhone 6 from the iPhone 6s is quite difficult, the only significant innovation — appearance of color case «pink gold». Also worth noting, that since September 2015, Apple has stopped selling the iPhone 6 in gold color.

However, this does not mean, that Apple engineers just donned a bit more new chips and chips in the old building. The current flagship assembled an order of magnitude better, better protected from ingestion of dust and moisture, and the main material was chosen more durable aluminum series 7000. Due to this, the device gained weight (143 grams versus 129 of its predecessor), in thickness (7,1 mm against 6,9 mm) and length (138,3 mm against 138,1).

Screen and Cameras

The display module has not undergone significant changes — it’s still 4,7-inch Retina screen with a resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels (image density — 326 dots per square inch).

But both cameras (main front) updated quite significantly. The first received a matrix of the same size, like the iPhone 6, but with high resolution — 12 Mp vs. 8 Mp. The updated camera allows you to take high-quality photos in low light conditions and video in FullHD quality at a speed of 120 frames per second. The only noticeable flaw — rather outdated f2 aperture.2.

The front camera, to the delight of self-lovers, also received a higher resolution matrix — 5 Mp. true, during video calls the interlocutor will still see your face in HD 720p quality.

Not to mention the function «Live photos» (live photos), when activated, the device records short videos before and after taking a picture.

3D Touch

Perhaps, major hardware innovation in the iPhone 6s. Apple compares this technology with multitouch, which is generally true. From now on, the user interface will not work in one, but at once two planes, in the truest sense of the word. If earlier all gestures on the screen were carried out exclusively on a horizontal surface, you can now press down harder and get access to various functions.

At the same time, a special Taptic Engine drive will provide tactile feedback through vibration. The 3D Touch API is open to third-party developers and is being massively introduced into various games and applications.


The heart of the iPhone 6s is the Apple A9 64-bit processor, coprocessor supported M9. What is the difference between the latter and its predecessor is unknown, but CPU, on the assurances of Apple and the results of synthetic tests, became at 70% more productive. As for the graphics, here and at all there is an acceleration of work at 90%.


The disappointment for many users was the iPhone 6s battery — its capacity has not only not grown, but also decreased from 1810 to 1715 mAh. Software and hardware optimization allowed to keep battery life at the same level, however, no positive developments are observed.

Few people had serious complaints about the work of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on iPhone 6, but work on it was also carried out — fingerprints are scanned even faster and better in iPhone 6s.

Hello, Siri without charging

In iPhone 6, activate the personal assistant using the Hi command, Siri is possible only when the smartphone is connected to a power source. Thanks to the efforts of developers from Cupertino, Siri in iPhone 6s responds to user requests even when it is locked.