What is needed and how the “Sleep” feature on the iPhone works

In order to care about the health of its users, starting with iOS 10, Apple implemented a useful option in Sleep Mode.

You can find it on the tab of the same name in the system application Clock. Sleep mode reminds the user about, when you need to fall asleep, if he wants to sleep well.

To set up an application, Apple offers to answer a series of simple questions: how many hours you need to sleep, when you need to get up, what days of the week and t.P.

Other settings are available – whether to send a reminder, that we should go to bed soon, alarm sound (here for some reason it is called wake sound).

When the wake-up signal is activated, a graphical display of time appears, which user will spend on sleep. Sleep statistics are available through HealthKit, data is synchronized with the application Health.

Apple reminds, what to sleep on time (at least until 12 am) and at the same time – pledge of good sleep and good health.

Sleep Mode is disabled by turning the corresponding switch to the off position.