What is jailbreak

Jailbreak allows happy owners of iOS devices to unlock the functions of recording and making changes to files in the system folders of their devices.

Initially, the user is allowed to write exclusively to the category /var/mobile. With the help of Jailbreak, freedom of action expands noticeably.

Jailbreak key benefits

The main advantage of jailbreak is, that after its implementation, the owner of the iPhone has the opportunity to install various applications, unavailable in official Apple markets.

After running Jailbreak on iPhone, 2 new programs for working with third-party applications appear. First one – this is cydia. It is an unofficial iPhone software store. The choice of content is very large: from a variety of screen savers, ringtones and themes for serious and user-friendly applications. Most programs are offered free of charge.

The second program is known as Installous. It allows the owner of the iPhone to easily install hacked programs on their devices to bypass iTunes and the App Store without any problems.

In addition to the mentioned applications, a number of other programs are installed in the memory of the gadget, significantly expanding the functionality of iOS and making treatment «apple» devices are much more convenient.

After performing Jailbreak, the user can access deeper iOS settings. For example, if you want, you can turn off all sorts of background processes, which allows you to save charge. Additionally, this unlocking enhances the user interface customization iOS. The owner can change the design style beyond recognition, fully customizing it to your needs.

Is it dangerous to do jailbreak?

If necessary, all changes are eliminated as easily, how are they done. The procedure in question only changes the gadget’s file system. These manipulations cannot cause physical damage to the smartphone. However, since after unlocking, all system files are available for modification and deletion, an inexperienced user can greatly disrupt iOS. Therefore, Jailbreak is absolutely not recommended to do without knowing, why do you need it.

Formally, unlocking deprives the official guarantee. If service workers find, that the device has passed the procedure Jailbreak, free warranty service will be denied. However, data on modifications made is easily and completely removed. To eliminate the changes made, simply connect the gadget to iTunes and easily restore the system using the function of the same name.