What if the iPhone fell into the water?

Now the market offers thousands of different options for the iPhone accessories that can protect your device from small scratches and minor falls.

But, unfortunately, very few of these accessories can prevent the device from moisture and, as a rule, such accessories belong to a higher price segment. According to statistics, not many people agree to spend significant sum to such protection and these accessories do not look very aesthetically. But visual appeal is an important factor for many iPhone owners.

But what if the iPhone gets wet or iPhone itself fell into the water? Today, we give a few small tips. And we hope that this article will be helpful for you.

The first action, if the iPhone gets into the water.

Firstly, of course, you should remove iPhone from the water as fast as possible or stop the contact with moisture. The longer your device reacts with water or any other liquid, the greater the probability of occurrence of multiple oxidations on the motherboard and the less possibility that the iPhone can be repaired.

The second (and most important), you need to turn off the iPhone quickly. Because, when the device gets in the water, in addition to chemical oxidation reactions inside the phone, it can happen a microscopic short circuit which may lead to the inoperability of the device. It is strongly recommended to turn off the iPhone the standard way and to remove the battery from it as soon as possible, because even being off it supplies voltage to charge.

Of course, even after getting wet the device can work quite correctly some time, but do not get too excited. Over the years in the field of service maintenance of Apple technique we have seen different cases and know what happens to the device, if they continued to use it after significant moisture. The photo, located below, shows the main board of iPhone, which was used within two weeks after the “immersion”. Recovery is not possible by now.

What is not recommended to do.

There are many myths and not very correct advices what to do when water got into the iPhone. They are so common that people remember them first, and try to put them into practice. But not all of these recommendations may be useful, and some of them may make the situation rather worse.

The most common recommendation after wiping the iPhone with a dry towel or microfiber cloth put the device into a container with rice. This method can help partly, but only in those cases where the ingress of moisture was not very significant.

Of course, rice is very well absorbs moisture vapor. But it does not help if the water got to the internal elements of the board. Corrosion process has already started, and the motherboard elements simply start to rot eventually. Besides, some sorts of rice may leave little crumbs that get inside the unit.
It is not recommended to dry the iPhone with a hot hair dryer or a heat “gun”. Such actions can only increase the oxidation processes on the board and the internal elements of the device. This will make the iPhone is not completely working in the end.

Is it possible to fix the iPhon after hitting the water?

The consequences of the ingress of moisture into the iPhone can be very different. It all depends on the degree of moisture penetration, time of contact with moisture and the user’s actions after it. If moisture ingress was insignificant, buttons, switches, display, touch screen may stop working. But it may happen that the phone will cease to be switched in general and it will be clear whether it can be repaired only after opening and technical diagnostics of device.