We configure mail on iPhone

Usually there are no problems with setting up a standard program for interacting with email on iPhone – everything is intuitive, you just need to follow a simple sequence of actions.

The situation is especially simple when using mail services of foreign companies, for example, such as Outlook, Gmail and their ilk – all settings are made automatically.

But if the user tries to configure his apple device to work with domestic virtual mail, he may have some difficulty. To avoid possible problems, study the guidelines for setting up mail to work with foreign and domestic services, follow the recommendations and succeed.

Get settings in automatic mode

The standard mail program for iOS can configure itself to work with some services.

To configure, working in the following order:

First step. We turn on Internet access to iPhone.

Second step. Open the item in the settings section, referred to as Mail, addresses, calendars.

Third step. Add an account, pressing the button of the same name.

Fourth step. Fill in the fields requested by the program.

Fifth step. The program will check the relevance of the entered information.

Sixth step. Synchronize calendars if you wish, contacts and other information.

Seventh step. Save changes.

If everything went well, You can work with the selected account in the standard email application for iPhone. Customization, as you can see, extremely simple. However, everything is so easy and fast, usually, only happens with popular overseas postal services. With little-known foreign services, as well as with their famous domestic counterparts, have to tinker a little longer, but there is nothing supercomplex either.

Manual settings: popular email clients

The setting will be considered on the example of Yandex. With the rest of the mailers, the procedure remains the same. You only need to clarify the settings for the selected service on the official website of the service provider. Usually they are available in the Help section.

Work in the following order:

First step. Go to Settings.

Second step. Open the Mail menu, addresses, calendars.

Third step. Click Add Account and Tap on Other.

Fourth step. Select the item New Account.

Fifth step. Fill in the standard fields. They are shown in the screenshot.

Sixth step. Make settings, provided by service provider.

Seventh step. Enter the server outgoing and incoming email. If you are setting up a program to work with any popular e-mail service, the app can get these on its own. Focus on the situation.

At the end, you just have to click Next, and then save the changes. The program will adjust to work with your mail service.