VirnetX Company may have $1.1 billion from Apple as a fine

It is not a surprise for thousands of people who follow court cases of Apple Inc. to find out that not all lawsuits are successful for the company. The latest large loss is connected with patent infringement, for which VirnetX Company filed a lawsuit against Apple.
The legal battle is ongoing for almost 10 years. It has been circling around VPN patent rights. These days, US District Judge Robert Schroeder, who’s in charge of the case, has denied to Apple in consideration of appeal against VirnetX, which now can result in payment equal to 1.1 billion US dollars in general.Apple could owe $1.1 billion to VirnetX after failing to overturn patent infringement lawsuit - 9to5Mac
For your information, Apple has already paid 440 million USD to the VirnetX Company but in October 2020, VirnetX demanded another 0.7 billion dollars on top of the latest fine. The amount will also include royalties and the entire possible interest. The US Court of Appeal consisting of a 3-judge panel denied Apple in the rehearing of the case in February 2020, stating that Apple has indeed infringed 1 patent of VirnetX in the area of security communications technology. The amount of 440 million dollars rose from the calculation that Apple sold over 400 million devices, which infringed the technology (obviously, with 1 dollar of the fine for each device sold), with other 40 million to be a calculated interest and court fares. VirnetX - Work Together Securely in the Cloud
As you probably know, Apple is fond of its super aggressive court behavior. An army of high-paid lawyers wins a significant amount of cases, even when the company is wrong. Sometimes, however, there is just nothing to do if a violation by Apple is truly an infringement of law.