Using Apple Watch to control music played on iPhone

maybe, you did not know, but with the help of Apple Watch it’s easy enough to control music playback, which runs directly on the iPhone, in a car, headphones or bluetooth speaker.

After selecting a playlist, album or song on iPhone, subsequent music control can take place from your wrist.

It is very comfortable, if you exercise or walk with headphones while listening to music. It’s easier to touch your wrist, how to get a smartphone and click on its screen. Try controlling playback with the Apple Watch.

Control music playback on Apple Watch

After starting playing a song on iPhone, you can see the progress bar at the top of the Apple Watch screen.

  1. Click on icon, and then use these controls.
  2. Center button pauses and resumes playback.
  3. Forward or backward arrows allow you to skip to the next or previous track.
  4. The AirPlay button will help you send the song to another connected AirPlay device.
  5. Button «Menu» allows you to mix tracks, repeat them or go to another song.
  6. Button «…» will remove, like/dislike view album or playlist.
  7. Volume control with the Digital Crown.

Turn on another playlist or album on Apple Watch

If you want to switch to another playlist or album in your music library, this can be done with just a couple of taps on the Apple Watch screen.

  1. Touch the indicator on the dial, to open the control «Is performed».
  2. Click on the name of the song.
  3. You will be taken to the screen «On iPhone» and see the list, including elements «Is performed», «Playlists», «Artists», «Albums» and «Songs». Click, to select the desired item.

Managing music from iPhone to Apple Watch is easy. Regardless of, do you use headphones, Bluetooth speaker or just a smartphone speaker, you have the opportunity to choose those songs, who want to hear.