Undo and redo: new gestures on the iPhone and iPad that you might not be aware of

Not so long ago, typing without using a physical keyboard seemed ridiculous. But now working with the touch screen of a smartphone for printing characters is considered the norm.

Sure, on a small display, errors will inevitably occur when entering letters and words. Sometimes you have to delete characters during editing, and a lot. But do not rush to actively press the delete key or use the outdated shake of the iPhone. After all, there is a better way to undo or redo the last action.

Undo the last action

Starting with iOS 13 (iPadOS 13) a new exclusive gesture has appeared on mobile operating systems to undo the last action. To do this, simply swipe left with three fingers on the screen. This can be done anywhere on the display, even on the keyboard. But if the movement turns out to be inaccurate, it may cause interaction with other elements of the screen. However, a little practice will allow you to work out a useful movement.

Repeat last action

But what to do, if you want to go back to your text and edit it again? Luckily, this is just as easy with the new return gesture. Everything, what you need – swipe the screen with three fingers from left to right.

Undo and revert recent actions with just three fingers on the screen – great example, how Apple tried to simplify text editing on the iPhone. The most pleasant, that these gestures work not only with text, but also with images and other media files, pasted into text documents. Besides, these gestures work across all systems, therefore, they can be used not only in native Apple applications: Mail, Posts, Notes and Safari, but also in third-party programs: Facebook, Twitter and others.