Tricks for Your iPhone Keyboard

It’s undeniable that the iPhone is indeed loaded with a lot of new exciting features. One of the latest innovations when it comes to Apple iPhone is the use of a virtual QWERTY keyboard rather than a physical keyboard. This is coupled with a multi touch screen display.

Apple wanted to make everyone excited with the release of the iPhone. Nevertheless, users can get most fun using it since there are a lot of tricks that you can do with its keyboard.

If you want to create word contractions such as “We’ll” and “He’ll,” you need to make sure that the apostrophe is inserted. However, adding one can be such a hassle. You still need to press the punctuation button and then the apostrophe to form the correct word.

But there’s another simpler and faster way: you can just simply add another “l” into the word, as in “helll.” The keyboard software will suggest “he’ll.” The same goes with the word “we’ll.”

The alphabet keys and the punctuation keys actually belong to 2 various kinds of keyboard layouts. If you want to create a comma or a period, for example, you need to do a three-step procedure:

  1. You tap in the lower left the following keys: ?1123. This is to invoke the appropriate punctuation layout.
  2. Write the period.
  3. Press the ABC key found in the lower left to go back to the alphabet layout.

Yet the entire process is too cumbersome. What if you’re going to write “D.O.E. of the U.S.A.” To avoid hurting your fingers from pressing too many keys, you can do a single gesture: long press the key until you can select the correct punctuation, such as period or comma.

The iPhone’s Web browser can function just like any other desktop Web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox. You actually don’t need to type in the entire URL, along with the .com extension—just write the URL and then press Go. The highly advanced and dependable Safari Web browser will directly add the extension for you. You may think that it’s not a hassle since it’s just a single button press. But hey, isn’t that enough energy saving for you?

The many different tips and tricks are made to fully maximize your use of the iPhone, most especially of its keyboards. But like any other new tool, definitely there’s much more that you can discover from it. Just be smart and be observant.