Transfer data from Android to iPhone

You have decided to try a new operating system, changed their smartphone running Android OS on iPhone? Do not want to lose all content, accumulated over a long time using another gadget?

Today you will find out, how to transfer data from Android to iPhone in the easiest and most comfortable way.

Of course, you can use standard tools, copy all the pictures, video files, documents and other data first on the computer, and then download them using iTunes on «apple» device, but it takes a fair amount of time. AND, to be honest, not quite comfortable. Especially in that case, if you are not an experienced PC owner or do not have it at all. Luckily, Apple took care of everything: Move to iOS – perfect solution to all our problems!

but, we did not write a separate article about, how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android – if data is best moved using, the above utility, then for contacts – in ways, described in another article.

Before starting the procedure, pay attention to, so that devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi point, and all applications were turned off, who can somehow use the Internet. If everything is ok, we can proceed:

You have a new, not yet activated iPhone? Then go ahead and at the initial setup you should open the screen «Programs and data».

When, if you or anyone else used this device before, will have to roll back the settings to «purchased» states. You can do this as follows:

  • go to menu «Settings»;
  • go to «Main»;
  • select an item there «Erase content and settings»;
  • confirm intentions, pressing the button «Erase iphone»;
  • Return to item number 1 and execute it.
  1. Download the application on your Android device «Move to iOS».
  2. Run it.
  3. Click the button «Continue».
  4. Accept the terms, Pressing «I accept».
  5. The code should appear on the screen of your iPhone, if you correctly completed the first item.
  6. Enter it in the application «Move to iOS».
  7. Click on the Android smartphone button «Further», confirming the transfer.
  8. Wait for, until it is completed. It is forbidden to switch to other applications.
  9. After some time, this will happen on the iPhone.
  10. As soon as you see the inscription «Transfer complete», should start the initial setup of your gadget.
  11. Just follow the instructions on the iPhone screen and after completing the settings you will see, that all data was successfully copied to your brand new smartphone running iOS.

As you see, absolutely nothing complicated here. The main thing to follow simple recommendations, written in our article and perform step by step all the actions described and then the question is, how to transfer data from Android to iPhone will exhaust itself.