Towaga game for iPhone and iPad – a complex colorful shooter about the fight between good and evil

Just recently, the release of a new shooter from the young Swiss studio Sunnyside Games took place on the App Store. New Towaga is called, and it is of interest for its unusual design and nice graphics.

In general,, this is an exemplary representative of the genre Shoot’em up – not outstanding, but not created in a hurry. In Towaga, the user will control a deity from Aztec mythology, guarding the ancient temple from the attacks of evil spirits.

At the beginning of the game, the main character performs a certain ritual, sitting on top of the pyramid. But his activity interrupts the attack of sinister monsters, by which, obviously do not like manipulations, committed by our character. In this regard, the Aztec god forced, armed with a deadly ray of light, repel the attacks of a dark opponent.

For the passage of the game from the gamer does not require special experience or skill, but the process itself will not make it any easier. Difficulties may arise, first of all, because of the massive offensive opponent, which is not so easy to repel. Besides, on some levels there will be enemies, possess special abilities – in particular, opportunity to do high damage.

There are six stages in the game, different as different visual design, so and different types of enemies. By the way, Towaga creators promise to add some more levels in the next updates. And they will be available for free.