Top Clipboard Software for iPhone and iPad

Surely every mobile device owner faced the tedious need to manually type the same text over and over again (email addresses, logins, payment details and t.d.

Clipboard applications are indispensable for those, who constantly have to send the same data, links and text snippets.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with four clipboard managers, able to make life easier for iPhone and iPad owners.


Instant synchronization with iCloud, list ordering



Copied – great solution for organized people, in all loving order. Unlike many other clipboard applications, Copied allows you to sort, organize and edit often entered text fragments (email addresses, Contact Information, links, etc.).



No need to view all the fragments in order, to select the desired – all snippets are neatly stored in appropriate groups. You can open groups as in the application itself, so in the notification center.


Link Preview, snippets for Apple Watch and much moreCLIP+ not only allows you to copy and paste text, but also automatically determines the format of the media files used and displays the contents of a fragment of text or link. The app also provides previews of gifs, what makes it indispensable to users, who love to share pictures more, than texts.

Downloading CLIP+, iPhone owners also get Apple Watch app support, in which the possibility of voice input of the text is realized. Dictate the clock fragment, and it will immediately remain on the iPhone or iPad.

Another CLIP feature+ is to support links, related to iTunes. With each copy of the link to the clipboard CLIP+ automatically adds all related information from iTunes.


Quick access to the keyboard, Apple Watch supportClips – it is not just a keyboard in the usual sense of the word. When you type a message, the application offers ready-made snippets, which can be inserted into the text. Unlike other managers presented in this material, Clips does not support text editing, copied to clipboard.

The application creates a stylish widget in the Today section of the Notification Center and provides easy access to saved fragments on the Apple Watch.

TextExpander 3

AutoCorrect text by several lettersKeyboard TextExpander 3 allows you to create abbreviations for text fragments. In this way, the user has no need to enter the entire text – just a few letters are enough, and the application will automatically insert the necessary snippet. For example, can enter «ddate», and TextExpander 3 will enter the current date.