The Walking Dead: Michonne game

Studio Telltale Games, known for her episodic projects, released the mini-series The Walking Dead: Michonne — A Telltale Miniseries for iPhone and iPad users. New part of the story about «Walking dead» already available on the App Store.

The Walking Dead: Michonne — A Telltale Miniseries will surely be enjoyed as fans of the game, so, who is not familiar with the comics of Robert Kirkman or the popular TV series.

The main heroine of the game is Michon – legendary character from the comic book series. The girl pursues his own past, and she has to cope with incredible losses and regrets. The game is about, what happened to the heroine between releases #126 and #139. In this part, players will learn, why Michon was cut off from Rick, Ezekiel and other team members, and what brought her back.

According to the plot, Michon leaves his companions and joins Pete and his crew on the ship «Companion». When a desperate signal for help leads them to the scene of a terrible slaughter, Michon and the crew are taken to pursue the floating colony of Monroe, where is the criminal supposedly hiding. By the way, Michon herself is voiced by actress Samira Wiley.

The trailer of the game can be found below:

Users can save 20% on additional episodes of the game when purchasing the Multi-Pack kit (parts 2-3) through built-in in-game purchases.