The top 25 Apple commercials released between 1980 and 2015

Apple is famous for its original promotional videos. Over the entire existence of the company, Cupertino team released at least a couple of dozen really high-quality commercials, which, with all the variety of content combined special style.

Throughout the history of Apple, to marketers, working in Cupertino, managed not only to create inspirational videos, receiving status «cult», but releasing videos with obvious replicas and, finally, remove neutral advertising. Wherein, there are no celebrities or special effects ahead of time in most of the popular commercials – their main «chip» in the emotional component, which encourages the viewer to truly empathize with the characters. Consider the most striking examples of advertising masterpieces of Cupertino:

Apple II (1980.)

Created by Steve Wozniak, Apple II, probably, still the best among computers, developed by one developer, without the assistance of third-party specialists. Relevant advertising is trying to convey to the viewer the idea of, Apple is the most advanced PC maker.

Apple Lisa (1982.)

The main role in the video was played by young Kevin Costner. Remarkable prophetic slogan: «Soon people will split into two camps: those, who use computers and those, who preferred Apple».

Macintosh (1984.)

The most famous advertising «apple» manufacturer, with a budget of 700,000 dollars and Ridley Scott in the director’s chair. Originally lasted a minute and a half, however, was reduced to 60 seconds due to criticism of the company’s board of directors. The premiere took place during the Super Bowl of American Football on January 22, 1984. The video received positive feedback from professionals and won the festival «Cannes lions».

There is one more, shortened to 30 seconds version, which for some reason decided not to release on the screens.

Who is Newton? (1993.)

Newton MessagePad Device, with that, that it was actually the first prototype of the tablet computer, failed on sale and was removed from the range of Apple. Apparently, in 1993, people were not yet ready for this category of gadgets.

Think Different (1997.)

One of the most famous Apple ads. According to the legend, The slogan for it came up with Steve Jobs himself, however this is not true. Craig Tanimoto worked on the idea of ​​the video, Chiat employee/Day. Thanks to him, the campaign of the same name was launched, which has greatly helped in a crisis Apple.

She’s a Rainbow (1998.)

Roller, dedicated to the first iMac computer. It focuses on the possibility of choosing the colors of the computer case.

Y2K (1999.)

Advertising, exploiting the outdated software problem of 1999, Because of which, on January 1, 2000, crashes could occur in computer systems around the world. In the video, the Cupertins claim, that with their devices no apocalyptic threats are terrible.

The first iPod (2001.)

Roller, dedicated to the first ipod player.

Switch (2002.)

Advertising, celebrity story, who switched from PC to Mac. Tony Hawk took part in the campaign, Will Farrell and Kelly Slater.

Upgraded iMac (2002.)

In 2002, the iMac received an updated design, whose authors, looking at all, inspired by the design of table lamps. Proper, in honor of this event and decided to shoot the corresponding commercial.

iPod and iTunes “Silhouette” (2003.)

A new advertisement was filmed in connection with the update of the iPod line and the launch of the iTunes service. The original video was used music Black Eyed Peas, in the subsequent songs U2 sounded, Jet, Daft Punk, Eminem, Bob Dylan and Coldplay.

Powerbook (2003.)

Another ad, appeared in 2003. This time a broadcast was launched, Powerbook laptop release. It beats the difference between a laptop with a 12- and 17-inch screen size.

I fought the law (2004.)

Pepsi and Apple Joint Movie, in which the Cupertins tried to convince young people not to download illegal content. Do not think, what it worked.

Get a Mac (2006-2009.)

The campaign of the same name started in 2006 and was already the second large-scale attempt (after «Switch» 2002) lure users from Windows to Mac.

iPhone «How to» (2007.)

The release of the first model of the iPhone smartphone was accompanied by unpretentious commercials, essentially demonstrating the basics of working with a device.

There’s an app for that (2008.)

The first of a series of commercials, informing you about the launch of the virtual app store app store.

Envelope (2008.)

Video, shot specifically for the Apple presentation and showing the compactness of the MacBook Air laptop.

iPad (2010.)

Advertising, which briefly and clearly demonstrates the main features of the first-generation iPad tablet computer.

All kinds of fun (2010.)

In 2010, the release of iPod touch, after which Apple released a few regular commercials, dedicated to the new product. They just do not represent much interest, but the result was a curious result of the spontaneous cooperation of the Cupertino with the resource Pitchfork.

Meet Her (2010.)

The most interesting video of the series, on the description of the functions of the smartphone iPhone 4. In this video, users are introduced to the technology FaceTime.

Apple Genius (2012.)

Advertising campaign, which should have emphasized the exclusivity of Apple employees, but instead made users idiots. That and I remember.

Pencil (2013.)

Not, Apple Pencil was not introduced for the first time three years ago. Just in this video compare the thickness of the iPad Air and a pencil.

Misunderstood (2013.)

Another popular video from Apple, story about celebrating Christmas with your family. Despite, that this is a clear advertisement, the video came out touching and managed to please not only users «apple» devices, but also fans of other brands.

The Song (2014.)

Another ad, exploiting the subject of family values. Apple unites generations with its products.

Your verse (2014.)

IPad Support Videos. Wonderful visual series is accompanied by a brief monologue of Robin Williams.

Shot on iPhone 6 (2015.)

Advertising campaign – festival winner «Cannes lions». Clips for her were selected among the content, captured by ordinary users on smartphones iPhone 6.

Subsequent videos, new Apple (iPad Pro, iPhone 6s), were made in the same style and rather fall into the category of release information. Will hope, what «apple» the company will still delight us with its original and emotional promotional videos.