“The program cannot be opened because its author …” is an error on the Mac. How to get around

In June 2016, Apple introduced a new version of its proprietary desktop operating system, called macOS Sierra.

OS received a number of significant improvements, including a modified application installation mechanism, downloaded not from the App Store.

When trying to install an application, a user not downloaded from the official Mac App Store virtual user will see a message on the screen:

«The program can not be opened, as its author is an unidentified developer».

Starting with macOS Sierra, Apple has changed the security settings for working with downloaded programs. You can check them, opening a section «Protection and safety» → «Main» in the application «System settings».

As it was before…

To get a complete picture of the changes, compare settings in macOS Sierra and older software versions. In earlier editions tab «Allow the use of programs, downloaded from» included three options:

  1. Mac App Store – Mac launches apps, downloaded exclusively from the Mac App Store.
  2. App Store for Mac and Installed Developers – the system cannot open a new application, which is not in the list of installed developers.
  3. «From any source» — This option allows you to open all programs, received from any source.

How to install applications, downloaded from non Mac App Store starting with macOS Sierra

Method 1. Confirm Login to System Preferences

The option disappeared in macOS Sierra «From any source». Now Mac owners, updated to the new edition of the operating system, will no longer be able to use this feature to open downloaded applications.

However, there is a method for running programs, obtained not from the Mac App Store, and from other sources.

1. After downloading, moving the application to the folder «Programs» run it. The screen will display the following warning:

Press on «OK». This action will return you to the Finder file manager.

2. Next, go to «System settings» → «Protection and safety».

3. In the tab «Main» in section «Allow the use of programs, downloaded from» press the button «Confirm Login».

After entering the Administrator password, macOS Sierra will enter the name of the developer in the appropriate list and the program will start. In the case of downloading another application from the same developer, the system will check the list and open the program.

Method 2. Terminal

To disable developer verification when installing applications, run the following command in Terminal (will need to enter an administrator password):

sudo spctl --master-disable

This command will return on the way «System settings» → «Protection and safety» paragraph «From any source».

To return to the state «default», should use this command:

sudo spctl --master-enable