The iPhone has run out of innovation, or why competitors have stopped copying Apple’s smartphone

Barcelona World Mobile Congress ends. Betting made — almost all major Android manufacturers showed their flagship devices for the current year.

AND — amazing thing! — none of them are made in the image of the iPhone 6s. Where disappeared «two designers from Samsung»?

January 9, 2007 Apple has released a smartphone, who turned the entire mobile device industry upside down. It would seem that, these are just beautiful words — but let’s stop for a moment and think, what is behind them.

Nine years ago, the leading smartphone maker was Finnish Nokia — the same, which today does not release them at all. Its main competitors were BlackBerry, Motorola, Sony and Microsoft — and today they all barely show signs of life. All their iPhone just destroyed, and made it absolutely deserved. He was just better — and externally, and by possibilities.

The iPhone has set the tone for the industry for many years. Well, you know — Apple has shown new features, on Android they were copied and added something interesting for their part, then Apple copied cool «chips» Android… And so on, etc.

But at the MWC 2016 this «soap opera» the end has come. None of the three major Android vendors consider it necessary anymore «encircling» iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

The Korean manufacturer has historically been considered the most malicious and unprincipled «Copy Pasteur» iPhone, and challenge this fact — it’s like calling black white. But in 2016, Samsung put the emphasis on creating a new flagship in a completely different way.

Before the release of the Galaxy S7, rumors made a copy of the iPhone 6s of it in terms of features. Counted, That the novelty will receive analog 3D Touch — but in reality this did not happen. Yes, S7 has a function, similar to Live Photos, but the key is not — yes and came up with «alive» photos are not at all Apple, and the already mentioned Nokia. Samsung doesn’t count either «come alive» pictures are something special, the company did not even talk about the new opportunity at the briefings after the Sunday press conference.

Key «chips» Galaxy S7 — the best AMOLED display in the world with quad HD resolution, camera with technology, which was not equal in the history of the industry, IP68 dust and water protection and memory card slot. Nothing of the iPhone 6s with all the desire not to find.


And if the new Galaxy is similar to the previous one, t.e. a bit like iPhone 6, then LG with its G5 really went «by other means».

LG G5 became the first flagship smartphone in the world with a prefix «modular». Replaceable modules are connected to a special connector, which turn the novelty into the camera phone, then cool player for audio lovers.

There are interesting (and helpful! accessories-«companions» — eg, round robot in the spirit of Sphero from the last episode «Star wars».

No matter how you look, LG G5 and iPhone have nothing in common. Nothing at all.

HP Elite x3

HP has unexpectedly returned to the smartphone market with a luxury gadget running Windows 10 Mobile. Stylish device aimed at the corporate market, but ordinary users will not refuse to buy it.

After all, Elite x3 — this is a phablet, a laptop (docking station available with 12,5 inch screen) and desktop (Windows Continuum feature) in one bottle, and this kit is cheaper, than ordinary smartphone, laptop and desktop.

Sysadmin at work will be delighted — he will need to think not about three pieces of equipment, but only about one! it — interesting idea, which Apple and its iPhone 6s do not. Eliminate the success of Elite x3 can except that the traditional distrust of users to the mobile OS from Microsoft and limited (until) Continuum features.