The House of da Vinci game for iPhone and iPad – a beautiful 3D puzzle in The Room style

Fans of The Room series will surely appreciate the Three-dimensional puzzle of The House of da Vinci from the studio Blue Brain Games.

Despite the similar style, «Da Vinci House» by no means is «second-rate» product, offering new interesting puzzles in the surroundings of the Renaissance.

The similarity of the game with The Room is felt at the very beginning of the passage, As in «Rooms» dark mysterious levels and poorly lit rooms dominate here, therefore, without parallels with the popular TV series is difficult to do. The plot of the game also does not differ originality. As the name implies, we are talking about the brilliant scientist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, or rather about his student, which is to find out, where did the master go and what happened in the house. From da Vinci’s notes, the hero finds out about a certain mysterious clan, interested in collaboration with genius. In an attempt to find out, what is so important Leonardo invented, the hero will have to show all ingenuity, incidentally facing various hazards.

Although the story is fictional, there are some real da Vinci inventions in the game, eg, armored tank, ornithopter, catapult and pr. As you progress through the player will receive two unique items, allowing to see, what is not available to the simple eye. There are also tips (from one to four), the number of which depends on the task. The game offers and achievements for the most attentive and goal-oriented. They look like cards, which are stored on levels, sometimes in their darkest corners. At the end of the game, you can even see the collected achievements, which will be displayed in the form of various inventions, invented da Vinci.

Despite the lack of an item to save the game, when you re-enter, you can continue to play from that place, where did you stay. The only nuance: elements of the puzzles not completed until the end will be reset to the initial position even when exiting through the main menu. Among other disadvantages, it is worth noting the lack of the ability to change the level of graphics and not too convenient switching of languages.

Overall graphics, sound and the actual gameplay implemented at the proper level, and the passage of the game will take a lot of time, however, tips will always come to the rescue, the number of which only at one level can reach several dozen.

«Da Vinci House» supports a significant number of languages, including Russian, Moreover, the translation into Russian is of sufficient quality. The game is available on the App Store. IPhone required for download, iPad or iPod touch based on iOS 8.3 or later operating system.