The Home button on the iPhone or iPad broke down – how to replace it with a virtual analog

Home button is the main mechanical control of the iPhone and iPad, However, it is she who most often requires repair. However, some time it is possible to do without this component, replacing it with a virtual counterpart.

Of course, Apple developers also made it possible to use iDevice with a non-working Home button — for this there is a native function Assistive Touch.

How to enable the virtual Home button with Assistive Touch.

Besides, every jailbreak device user knows about the possibility of reassigning Home button functions (like any other) gestures with tweak Activator.

However, the easiest way to solve the problem is with the new tweak SPTouch for iOS 9.

This plugin places a virtual button on the iPhone or iPad screen, functions which are completely similar to Home. Single tap returns the user to the home screen, double — launches multitasking menu, press and hold — allows you to lock iOS device.

SPTouch is quite comfortable to use, the button can be placed anywhere on the screen, and in tweak settings — adjust its size, Colour, transparency, frame thickness and t.d. In this case, all settings are applied instantly and do not require respring device. Also available, allows you to enable or disable the display of a virtual Home on the lock screen.

Download SPTouch for any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 9 from BigBoss repository in Cydia.