The game Morphite for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV is a high-quality space action-platformer

Game Morphite from the studio Crescent Moon — this is a first-person space action platformer with a procedurally-generated world.

Practically, Morphite is the spiritual heir to No Man’s Sky for mobile devices with the only difference, that instead of millions of procedurally-generated worlds, There are only 15 planets in the game, but well-developed and unlike one another.

Morphite is set in the distant future, when humanity went beyond the solar system and mastered the distant corners of space. The main character of the game is a young girl named Myra Kale who lives and works on the space station with her adoptive father Mr. Mason.

Thats, what began as a simple outing for supplies, turns into a dangerous journey, during which Myra will have to unravel the secrets of his past and find out, how is a rare material called morphyt associated with it. In search of a solution, the girl will go to far-away unexplored planets and surf the little-known corners of space, incidentally fighting with exotic predators and the inhabitants of the planets in search of a morphite.

The game is made in three-dimensional «block» charting, which gives morphite a peculiar atmosphere. For the most part have to play with a first-person. The character is controlled by floating joysticks and buttons. You will have various tools at your disposal, eg, scanner, allowing to observe the local flora and fauna and a pistol in case, if a «livestock» will become aggressive. In the arsenal there are also grenades and a beacon, allowing you to call the shuttle to that place, where are you at. Besides, You can scan alien beings and sell information on their bio-indicators to upgrade your spacecraft and weapons.

On «space» levels you’ll have to jump for the most part. In addition, you will have to periodically refuel, fight pirates and overcome other obstacles.

Morphite levels are perfectly fulfilled. On one you will jump, on others – shoot or solve puzzles. At the end of each level you will be able to discover new worlds. The game provides an opportunity to travel there, wherever you wish, but it is better to follow the storyline, since there are rewards for it.

Playing Morphite, a feeling is created, that you are part of some large-scale space opera. Your hero is not alone in the universe, other characters surround him, about which one wants to know more. If other Crescent Moon designs seemed bland, then the world of morphite is very saturated. There is always, what to explore, and with whom to fight.

IPhone compatible app, iPad and iPod touch based on iOS 9.0. Apple TV support also available.