The Apple TV remote does not work (the sensor is buggy): how to reboot it

Apple devices are highly reliable, but not perfect – sometimes this or that function starts to work not quite correctly, and if in the case of consumer goods this is taken for granted, then for apple gadgets you need to look for a solution to the problem.

How to restart Apple TV

The vast majority of problems with Apple devices are solved by a banal reboot, and in the case of «faulted» with an Apple TV set-top box, it can also be effective. If the Siri Remote touchpad does not respond to user touch (or reacts incorrectly), then use the keyboard shortcut  «Menu» and «Home» (press and hold for 5 seconds) or select item «Reload», located in the Settings application on the Basic path → System.

How to restart Siri Remote from Apple TV

However, in some cases it is not necessary to restart the system at all, but just restart the remote itself, thereby breaking the pair between the remote control and the set-top box. To do this, use the keyboard shortcut «Menu» and «+» (press and hold for 5 seconds), and then reconnect with Apple TV, moving your finger across the touchpad.

If the problems are in the hardware of the remote control and they cannot be solved, then using a special application from Apple, you can use an iPhone smartphone or an iPad tablet as a remote control. Detailed setup instructions can be found here.