Taiwanese have developed drone control technology using Apple Watch

While some Taiwanese beat the doorsteps of cinemas and lined up long lines to show the 7th part of the Star Wars saga, others rushed to the parks of the city of Taichung. Here, in plain sight, PVD command+ demonstrated power, making the soulless mechanisms move, obeying skillful hand gestures.

Clumsy wobbling machine Parrot AR Drone 3.0 in the air and confused, Enthusiast’s unsure hand movements mock spectacular movie hero pirouettes. Skepticism is added and the fact, that the development of technology by a group of far from ordinary employees of Chung Sing University has already taken more than 18 months. However, if at exhibitions and all sorts of shows beautiful airy somersaults perform specialized, low-volume drones, guided by experienced pilots for complex consoles, here anyone can play the role of operator and subordinate.

Taiwanese wizards have developed a universal algorithm for interpreting human gestures into control signals for a machine, Apple Watch was used as an example transmitter. Just because, waving your hand with the watch on your wrist is more convenient, than with a palm clutched in your palm, but fundamental restrictions for using the system «Dong» not. true, information about her cat cried – being representatives of the field of mental labor, Taiwanese perfectly understand the value of their offspring and are in no hurry to frankly before the end of the patent package. But something can tell.

So, in contrast to algorithms for controlling quadrocopters in closed rooms, here, when processing the signal, one has to take into account the actual size of the surrounding free space and the presence of interference, like the same wind. I.e, drone doesn’t just start moving there, where the pilot waved her hand, but first calculates its path. Gesture control system – three-dimensional, but human hands are moving far from perfect, but because the magnitude of the error is quite large and the team has to repeat, literally pushing the robot.

But if you hone the skill, then you can just draw a finger in the air «On.» and the drone will fly right away to turn on the lights or air conditioning. Comparison with the Power of the Jedi and their wiser Sith opponents in this regard – the longer and more thoroughly the individual practices the skill, the more effective and efficient is the result of its use.