Super Hexagon for iPhone and iPad

Hardcore arcade fans are surely familiar with Super Hexagon, Moreover, the game is available in addition to iOS and on such platforms, like OS X, Windows, Linux, Android and BlackBerry 10.

But the role of the game was not played by porting to all popular mobile and desktop operating systems, and extreme complexity with extremely minimal gameplay.

The player will, driving a small arrow, to hold it between the geometric figures continuously moving from all sides. In words, everything seems extremely simple, but in fact, a rare gamer could hold out at the initial level for more than five seconds from the first time. Little of, that the game starts at high speed, not conducive to fast and easy passage, so in addition, regularly changing design colors aggravates the matter, angle and direction of rotation of figures. In this case, the control is accomplished with just two buttons.

The game consists of six levels, but go through them all – real super task. With each level the game speed increases, which reduces the last two stages to the category of impassable. The hardcore atmosphere is complemented by an acidic visual line and Chipzel-style chiptune music. Generally, can say, that the Super Hexagon was rightly appreciated by critics, what is confirmed by the numerous enthusiastic responses of fans of the genre on game resources.