Stopwatch on iPhone: where it is and how to use it

iPhone offers many useful features, including a stopwatch. This feature provides two visual modes and the ability to track circles. The stopwatch is extremely handy in situations, when counting time is needed, whether during training or other activities, time consuming.

How to open and use the stopwatch in the iPhone

  1. Open application «Clock» in iphone.
  2. Click the tab «Stopwatch».
  3. Click «Start», to start the stopwatch.
  4. While the stopwatch is running, you can press the option «A circle» to track lap times.
  5. Press on «Stop» to stop the stopwatch.

If necessary, you can reset the indicators and track an unlimited number of laps.

This feature is great for tracking circles for any activity, eg, when playing sports, racing, swimming, riding and etc.

How to change the look of the stopwatch in iOS

By default, the stopwatch in iOS is displayed as a digital clock, but if you prefer, you can customize a more familiar look with a simple swipe over an analog clock. You can also return the previous view using swipe.

iOS offers the ability to start a stopwatch using the Siri voice assistant, you can also start the timer.

If you frequently use the stopwatch on the iPhone, Add the ability to quickly launch it in «Control point» (instruction). Simply adding a stopwatch button will allow you to use the function from the iPhone or iPad lock screen.