Stardew Valley for iPhone and iPad: a best-selling game completely developed by one person.

This review will cover the game, gameplay, graphics, soundtracks and other components of which were created by a single developer.

At the same time, Stardew Valley — This is not a runner with autogeneration of locations, and not a platformer, consisting of a dozen or two levels, a rather large-scale life simulator with a huge amount of content.

History of creation

The author of the project described — programmer and game designer Eric Baron — started developing Stardew Valley in 2012, based on a few of their favorite games. The main source of inspiration was the Japanese hit of the 90s Harvest Moon, whose creator is Yasuhiro Wada, by the way, very flattering about the creation of the Baron.

An important aspect of Stardew Valley development is constant feedback between the developer and users. Baron’s followers on social networks, on Steam and Reddit directly influenced the development of the game, pointing out shortcomings and sending recommendations. Those interested can get acquainted with the branch «Ask Me Anything» Eric Baron on Reddit.

What is the result? Refusing to use Steam Early Access and pre-orders, Baron released a fully finished game after nearly four years of development and immediately got into all sorts of ratings and tops, by quantity as downloads, and positive feedback.

What is the game about

The storyline begins with the disclosure of the main character, to whom the dying grandfather left a letter with the instruction to open it only then, when life becomes unbearably boring. Soon the hopeless office days at Joja remind our character of the letter, which describes the inheritance of the deceased grandfather — farm in the small dying town of Stardew Valley.

Starting familiarity with the farm and the town as a whole, the user hardly guesses, what awaits him in the future, because at first the game resembles the most ordinary «Happy farmer» — planted seeds, watered the beds, harvested, sold, bought new seeds, planted the beds and t.d. However, gradually the player begins to get involved in the daily routine of the city and become acquainted with its inhabitants.

Life simulator

Eric Baron spent a lot of time, to make Stardew Valley more than just a location, and the whole world, in which the player will integrate independently, making your own decisions. for example, building relationships with the inhabitants of the town. Each one has its own life story, in which you can participate or never know about it.

Barge in bar on Fridays or in church on Sundays, visiting events and local holidays, character meets NPC, learns about, who is secretly in love with whom, who is lonely, and who wants to move to the city and work in the office. The hero himself can fall in love and fall in love, change the attitude of other characters, eg, giving them birthday gifts.

With each game month, the user is increasingly getting used to the Stardew Valley lifestyle — what days a particular store does not work, what time of the year can you catch a certain type of fish, when is it better to mine or build cheese factories. Of content, crafting and playing in the game is more than enough.


Visually Stardew Valley is made in the same style, as the first parts of the Harvest Moon — low-key pixel graphics, which is enough for a game of this kind. Sounds and melancholic music also remind of the times of 8-bit consoles and complement the general atmosphere of serenity.


Perhaps, would not be superfluous to mention again, what is stardew valley — the result of thousands of labor hours of one person, infected with the idea of ​​creating something fascinating, life and very clear to everyone. Numerous nominations, awards and millions of downloads of the game allow you to confidently talk about, that Eric Baron managed to realize his idea.