Sputnik Eyes Puzzle for iPhone and iPad

As often happens with games of this kind, at first glance it may seem overly primitive.

However, the developers, and with them the editors «apple» application store consider, that users head off into the gameplay from the first level. What awaits the gamer in Sputnik Eyes?

Sputnik Eyes

Throughout the sixty stages of the game the user will have to solve difficult puzzles. Each level will be a special location with dots, busy characters, different in shape and color. Each of these characters will be misplaced and will have to be moved to position, matching heroes.

Sputnik Eyes

Wherein, you can move the characters only to free locations and only along schematically depicted paths. Last, by the way, may also have a special color, because of which only heroes of the corresponding color can move around them. The main task of the game – move characters to designated places as quickly as possible. It is also important to do as little as possible and avoid mistakes. Otherwise, you can lose access to new locations.

In the game, simple control, nice design and really challenging puzzles.