Seven exciting facts and information about Apple Company

We’re continuing to familiarize our readers with facts, exciting data, information, and analytics concerning the Apple Company.

  • Between 1991 and 2020, the net worth of all components of modern iPhones decreased about 14,200 times. For instance, buying a modern iPhone part by part in 1991 (for net value) would cost $3,560,000 but today, it is only about $250 (for minimal models). That’s not a true number, however; rather, it is the sign of the general technological advancement, which lowered the cost of technology with simultaneous improvement of its efficiency.
  • Over 30 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store since the moment of its origination. That’s roughly 3.8 apps for every person living on the planet!
  • Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, loves to send emails to his employees in the early morning, starting with 4:30 AM on business days.Who might replace Tim Cook as Apple CEO - TechCentral
  • If you charge your iPhone every day from 0% to 100%, for a year, you spend on electricity about $0.25.
  • If the US Treasury would start printing more cash dollars to reach the same level of cash on hands of the US Government as Apple Inc. has on hands today, printing $100,000,000 every day, it would take them 1,500 days or roughly 4.1 years to reach the goal. The US Government only holds about 50 billion now, whilst Apple holds over 200 billion in cash. But that would definitely unwind inflation in the country.
  • The hall premise of Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino’s office of the company is designed to create an impression of a large flying saucer with concentric lights of illumination enhancing this impression.Above Avalon: The Significance Behind Steve Jobs Theater
  • Amongst all watch brands in the world ever bought up to the moment of the presentation of Apple Watch model 3, the Apple Watch managed to become the most popular watch in the world (by sales numbers), surpassing even such top brands like Cartier, Tissot, Benson, Longines, Omega, Rolex, Patek Philippe, TAG Heuer, Breguet, or any other (some of which have hundreds of years of history!).