Safari slows down when entering text in the address bar on OS X and iOS – solution

Some users (Unfortunately, I am among them) not once faced with a problem, when you enter text in the address bar of a regular Safari browser on OS X or even iOS, there was a short hang of the active window. «Frost» could stop in a few seconds or sometimes after continuing typing.

After that, the entire query appeared and the smart search data and default search results were displayed. Such suspensions are certainly annoying, but, Luckily, You can enter several adjustments to, to completely get rid of this kind of hang.

How to avoid safari hangs when typing in the address bar on Mac OS X?

First you need to check whether you have the latest version of Safari. Mac users open the system menu → App Store… and go to the section «Updates». If there are no OS X or Safari updates in the list, then everything is in order and you have the most current version.

  1. Open Safari, if you haven’t done it before, and then close all active tabs.
  2. Open the Safari menu → Settings… (or press the key combination Command + , (⌘ + ,)).
  3. Click the tab «Search».
  4. Uncheck all items in the section «Smart search field».
  5. Close the settings window.
  6. Open the Apple menu and select «Clear the history…».
  7. For the best effect in the field «Clear» select item «Whole story».
  8. Restart Safari Browser, why go to the menu Safari → Complete safari (or press the key combination Command + Q (⌘ + Q)), and then launch the browser again.

Is done!

These actions will completely solve the issue of hanging up Safari on a Mac while typing in the address bar. And what, if such things are observed on the iPhone or iPad?

How to avoid safari hangs while typing in the address bar on iOS?

On an iPhone or iPad, just clear the history, delete cookies and web data to solve the problem.

  1. On iphone, iPod touch or iPad open Settings → Safari.
  2. Select item «Clear website history and data».
  3. Log out and restart Safari (open multitasking mode (double click on the button «Home» and make svayp up the card with the window Safari)).

Now, when you enter text in the Safari address bar on your iPhone or iPad, there will be no more hangs.

What to do, if nothing helped?

If after completing all the items, the above instructions, attempts were in vain, it can be assumed, that the problem is caused by a slow internet connection and that is why Safari on iOS and OS X temporarily hangs up (iCloud data transfer occurs). In this case, another way to solve the problem is to turn off Safari data synchronization in iCloud.

What to do in OS X?

  1. On a Mac, go to the menu → System settings…
  2. Open iCloud.
  3. Uncheck the box «Safari».

What to do in iOS?

  1. On iphone, iPod touch or iPad open Settings → iCloud.
  2. Move the switch in front of the item «Safari» inactive.
  3. In the pop-up menu, tap on the item «Leave on iPhone».

Is done!