Safari in OS X does not open short links from Twitter – how to fix

Apple Computer Owners, probably, already noticed, that from time to time Safari persistently refuses to open short URL links (like «») from Twitter. Although the reason for this misunderstanding is still unknown, but there are several ways to solve this problem.

Refresh the page several times

Usually, after the fourth or fifth time the link finally opens. Meaning of this «dance with a tambourine» no one has installed yet.

In the address bar, change the https prefix to http

This method will be somewhat faster than the first.

Clear the cache and history

This can be done in the tab «Story», by clicking «Clear the history».

Restart browser

You can also restart Safari, that is, close and reopen. It is also not entirely clear how this works, but the main, that after performing these actions, short links still open.

Using Firefox or Google Chrome Browser

And finally, the best option, if the problem with links is annoying – use a third-party browser until that moment, how developers fix bugs.