Safari crashes and freezes in iOS 9.3 when opening links? Decision

Apple did not have time to release an update for its mobile OS, how some users immediately ran into a problem.

IPhone 6s Owners/6s Plus and older models, running iOS 9.3, faced with the inability to open links in the browser Safari. When a user attempts to follow a link, the program either crashes, either freezes.

This problem is not a single – Apple currently has several hundred such complaints on the tech support forum. According to some reports, after clicking on the link nothing happens, but if you press and hold, the application will close abnormally.

Attempting to unload the browser from the multitasking panel does not lead to anything. According to some users, JavaScript solves the problem. However, this method only works in the case of Safari, but for other applications it is useless. To disable javascript, need to «Settings» select the Safari section, open «Additions» and move the corresponding switch to «off.». Next, unload the browser from the multitasking panel.

Apple has not officially commented on the current situation. The reasons for the failure are also unclear. Since the problem affects devices with 3D Touch, it can be assumed, that it is associated with this technology.

The error may be caused by third-party applications installed by users. Portal staff conducted an experiment – took the iPhone 6 and iPad Pro, on which links opened as usual, and install the Booking application. With a long click on the link in Safari, the browser began to hang. The problem persists even after uninstalling the program and rebooting the device.