Roleplay Final Fantasy IX released for iOS

Classic role-playing game Final Fantasy IX, for a long time remained exclusive to Sony PlayStation, released for iOS devices. Fans of the series can already purchase the game on the App Store with a starting discount of 20%.

In the new reissue of Final Fantasy IX has acquired an improved graphic component, achievements, auto save, as well as seven game processors.

The game tells the story of the adventures of a young thief Zidane Tribal, who, together with colleagues, enters into confrontation with the ambitious queen Brana of Alexandria. Same, as in the original game, new features of heroes are tied to certain items. As noted in Square Enix, with the right skill level, these abilities can be used even without items, which will provide a huge number of options for customization. Besides, players will be able to create new items from several.

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX includes several mini-games — «Chocobo hot cold» (Chocobo Hot and Cold), «Jumping rope» (Jump Rope), «Tetra Master» (Tetra Master) and pr. From the progress in these games depends on the passage of quests. It is worth noting, that in the mobile version of Final Fantasy IX there are no in-game purchases.

Final Fantasy IX was released for the original PlayStation in 2000, and since the day of release it has sold around the world with a circulation of five million.

Final Fantasy IX

Mobile version of the game is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad based on iOS 7.0 and above. Final Fantasy IX works great on iPhone 5s (and newer models), iPad (starting from the fourth generation), iPad mini 2, and also on the sixth generation iPod touch.

Final Fantasy IX for iOS supports English, Deutsch, French and Spanish.