Review of the game Bring You Home for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV: an original puzzle game, where you need to control not levels, but characters

Alike Studio’s Bring You Home game is a unique puzzle game, where the player controls no characters, and the levels themselves. If you like Splitter Critters and Stagehand, Bring you home just for you.

Puzzles – great way to relax, simultaneously exercising the brain. However, they have their major drawback – every time you have to perform the same tasks. Bring You Home is different, and you certainly won’t be bored.

From the visual side of Bring You Home – sheer pleasure for the eyes. Bright colors and graphics remind funny 2D cartoons, which are shown on children’s satellite TV channels. However, the picture does not look very flat. Well-drawn chiaroscuro gives the image depth. The graphics are especially bright on Retina displays.

Freakish piano soundtrack sounds very emotional, but at the same time soothingly. Sound effects give the game a bit of a comic touch. All characters – incredible cuties, each with their own personality and character. The animation is very smooth and plays without jumps or freezes.

The protagonist of the game – alien polo, whose unknown villains kidnapped a pet. Polo rushes to help a friend, following through the portals left by the kidnappers. Each portal leads to a new world, and Polo need to successfully pass them, until he gets to the kidnapped pet.

Interestingly, you don’t control polo – the character moves forward automatically, without your participation. You control the game levels themselves. How it’s done? Everything is quite simple and clear at the level of intuition. Each level is equipped with control panels with different buttons. Your task – find options on the panel, to create favorable conditions for Polo.

If you have failed the first time, do not worry. Time itself rewind back, and you can try again. Gameplay is an endless series of trial and error, but «of death» can be quite funny, depending on the conditions you choose.

There are no time limits in the game, not by the number of attempts to solve the puzzle, so you can play for fun, not worrying about anything. In the course of the game are hidden cute photos of the Polo with his pet, which can be collected.

Bring You Home – great puzzle, suitable for all ages. The graphics are very bright and attractive, and the music creates an appropriate atmosphere. The gameplay is simple and unobtrusive with clear control. The game is so cute, that it is almost impossible to find flaws in it.

Bring You Home can be downloaded from the App Store. The game is supported by iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (running iOS 8 and later), as well as Apple TV.