Restoring iPhone, through iTunes

ITunes allows you to reset your iPhone to factory settings, so and restore user files and data from backup.

You are invited to familiarize yourself with the procedure in both cases. If the device does not work properly, mistakes, as well as when upgrading to the beta versions of the firmware, be sure to make a backup copy and later, if you want to go back to the official firmware, you will have to restore the system, via iTunes.

Create an iPhone backup

Before performing any actions, back up user files and data. To do this, run iTunes, connect your iphone to your computer and follow the further instructions.

On the File menu, select the Devices tab and click «Move purchases».

Wait, until the process is complete.

Important note! On Windows, the File button may be missing. In this case, the required context menu is invoked by the Ctrl key combination+B.

Make sure, that iTunes has successfully coped with the backup. To do this, open the menu «ITunes settings» and go to tab

«Devices». The list must contain a freshly created backup.

Restoring iPhone to factory settings

Launch iTunes, connect iphone to computer. Wait for, until Aytyuns see the iPhone.

Open the Overview tab and click Recover iPhone.

Confirm your intentions, pressing the button again «Restore».

At the end of the process, the iphone will reboot and you will see the initial setup screen.

Restoring iPhone from backup

To restore your user files, do the following.

Turn on iTunes and connect your smartphone to your computer. Click the File button or press Ctrl+B, if there is none, then in the tabDevices, select Restore from backup.

Follow the instructions of the program.