Remote Buddy, or how to control the remote from Apple TV on Mac OS X

The Remote Buddy Display application allows Mac owners to control OS X with the remote control (Siri Remote) from Apple TV. This can be very useful when displaying a Mac image on a big screen TV.

To access this feature, download the Remote Buddy application on Mac and launch the Remote Buddy Display application on Apple TV.

Users, Already tested new «chip» in business, report, that everything works very, very well — Apple TV remote control great cursor on the screen connected to the set-top box TV. And if you press the MENU button on the remote, settings will appear, and they will be able to choose, What is Siri Remote used for? — remote control, cursor or screen keyboard. Instructions for working with the application are also available there, Actions («actions») for popular applications, as well as system functions like sleep mode, shutdown, disconnect from server.


Why connect Mas to Apple TV? The description of Remote Buddy says, it is so very convenient to display photos on the big screen, presentations and any other visual content, so that the application will certainly appreciate how ordinary users, and serious businessmen.

Official video: