Puzzle Dream Machine – very high quality clone Monument Valley

The App Store has a very high quality clone of the game Monument Valley, Dream Machine puzzle for iPhone and iPad.

Previously, the game was only available to PC and PS4 users, but more recently, owners of iOS gadgets will be able to play it.

The world of Dream Machine consists entirely of gears only, run by small robots. The latter also includes the main character, which at the beginning of the game is deprived of work due to unsuitability. Getting out of the familiar environment, the robot discovers a lot of new and «sees light», realizing, that I had never seen the world before.

Unlike Monument Valley, There is a specific message in this puzzle. The main character, ripped from his work routine, turns one on one with the world around him, which way is not so simple, how did you imagine before. Of course, this is not a countercultural manifesto in the game shell, calling for a sober look at the activities of large corporations or the harsh reality of totalitarian social systems. Probably, the developers decided to show the life of an ordinary person through allegorical images of the robot wanderings in a mechanical universe.

Dream Machine

As for the gameplay, then with each new level it more and more resembles the form of the Monument Valley. All the same geometrically tangled game planes, in which to find a way out, and all the same transparent allusions to the Maurice Escher graphic.

but, if in the original game, which inspired the developers, could stop in the middle of the stage and admire the fantasy of artists, then in the Dream Machine it just will not be time – the main character himself goes through the level, because you need to have time to remove all, lying before him, barriers.

Dream Machine

Do not disappoint gamers and riddles. Although nothing supercomplex expects them — maximum spin platform, change the position of the planes — however, these actions will sometimes cause considerable difficulties. Not least due to optical illusions.

Separately, it is worth noting a wonderful visual range, the merits of which can be assessed even by the screenshots. The game itself is quite inexpensive – only 75 rubles. With all its advantages, the price is not so high.