Pros and cons of iOS

Gadgets from Apple are very popular all over the world. Equally popular is their proprietary iOS operating system.

As with any other product, it has indisputable advantages and certain disadvantages, about which you need to know any user, planning to purchase «apple» smartphone or tablet.

What love iOS: Main advantages

The first and most important advantage of iOS is, that developers are not abandoning their creation. Updates regularly, bugs and bugs are fixed, new opportunities appear. Apple needs to say a special thank you for it. At the same time, the corporation does not forget about its customers, what is said, until the last. For example, iPhone 3GS, which was released in the distant 2009, ceased to receive updates more than 5 years after its release!

The number of undeniable benefits for the user include excellent optimization of work, Reasonableness of the interface and a large selection of various applications and games, available in the corporate market. New apps appear regularly, allowing you to make working with the gadget as convenient as possible and customize it completely to fit your needs. Periodically there are real masterpieces, what is worth at least the same Sword of Destiny. Free and paid content available. Moreover, the user is given the freedom to choose: free applications are also made to last, and the only thing, which may upset a little, This is an occasional advertisement, but no one abuses her either.

As for optimization, even at full load, the device on iOS quietly works 8-10 hours, what, compared to closest competitors, is a very good indicator. The system is very fast, «brakes» and «glitches» absent.

The indisputable advantages need to include the appearance of iOS. Yes, and windows phone, and Android also have a very beautiful interface and allow you to change it almost to no recognition. But Apple refers to design issues with particular trepidation. Each version of iOS – this is something new and unusual. Branded effects and «chips» make «apple» gadgets unique, giving the system interface a special charm and making it stand out from the competition.

The system implements full multitasking. Of course, competing operating systems offer it, but, for example, Is it easy to find a gadget on a different OS?, which will allow you to immediately open 10, or even 20 applications, and quietly switch between them without hanging the system? There is absolutely no problem with iOS.

Main disadvantages «malic» operating system

but, despite all its many advantages, iOS is also not without flaws. First of all, this, so to speak, some lag in progress. All this is possible, of course, attributed to branded «chips», but deprive the user of the elementary ability to transfer content via wireless interfaces (and this feature appeared only in iOS version 7) – not the best solution.

The second important disadvantage is the high cost of paid applications. Of course, all games and programs are made at the highest level, but in many cases the price of content is frankly overpriced.

Among the shortcomings can be attributed, that in iOS very many functions are connected with the Internet. Without connection to the network, the user loses many opportunities. Although currently terrain, where there would be at least an elementary GPRS, extremely rare.

For advanced users, the disadvantage is a certain «closeness» systems. At the nearest competitor, for example, user can self-tune, adjusting the gadget to your needs to the smallest detail. In the case of iOS, this has to resort to additional tricks.

On this list of drawbacks, you can safely finish. Yes, and listed, except perhaps expensive applications, they are mostly purely subjective and do not interfere with the use of gadgets. Strengths of iOS definitely prevail over disadvantages. So if you are thinking of getting an electronics from Apple – it will be a very good choice.