Photo funs Photo in Hole Pro, Fun Face

In the App Store, you can easily find a huge number of different graphic editors, allowing unrecognizable to change the desired photo.

Many of them have one major drawback — complexity of work, can not be said about the application Photo in Hole.

Often, many users have only a few seconds, to inspect the interface, evaluate its complexity and permanently remove this or that application from your device. About children and say nothing — to make the program useful and loved, it should be as simple as possible. This is how Photo in Hole editor is built, allowing even a child to take a picture and paste it into a template at the same time, which he would spend reading this line.

so, The algorithm for working with Photo in Hole is as follows: Immediately after launching the application, you should take a photo using the device’s camera or select the desired one from the iOS library, then go to the templates tab, find the one you like and «fit» images under each other. This can be done with the usual pinch-to-zoom gestures, and then save the result to your device or send to facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

By virtue of its simplicity, Photo in Hole application in most cases will not allow creating a cover level image of a glossy magazine and even avatars for a social network. However, functionality «just for fun» — this is exactly, what the developers wanted. The application is perfect as entertainment for children and adults on a long journey or in a dull evening at home.