Philips Power Potion 3000 – bottle-shaped external battery for the iPhone

Question about the battery life of mobile gadgets, probably, never cease to be relevant. Whatever battery capacity devices, she will always be missed. That is why external batteries are very popular with owners of smartphones and tablets.

In most cases, extra batteries from reputable manufacturers, except capacity, do not differ much from each other. Probably, in order to bring some variety to the range of this type of devices, Philips has developed its own version of an external battery called Power Potion 3000.


Worked on the new leading designers Philips – Holger Hon and Katherine Wang. Battery capacity is 3000 mAh, which should be enough to fully recharge the iPhone 6s.

The main feature of the device – his appearance. Designers shaped the battery in a miniature bottle. What is the reason for such a choice of form, no one did not explain, but, with a high probability, the creators of the appearance of the device were guided solely by the desire for originality. Must admit, they completed their task.


The novelty has a lightning cable on top of the case, under a kind of cap or cork, and two connectors (USB and micro USB) bottom of the device. You can charge your iPhone by connecting it to the battery cable.