Peeping into 2021: what the 13th model of Apple phone products will be?

Just recently, the 12th models of iPhones appeared but people are already interested in what’s going on in the year from now. The “iPhone 13” or otherwise called model is expected to have features as follows.

  1. A better camera. In terms of quality of the camera, Apple is often a catch-up company, but it is not expected to be like that in 2021, as a new wide-angle hi-res camera is expected to be installed on iPhone 13. The upgrade is expected to be f/1.8, 6P (6-element lens) having autofocus. iPhone 12 is equipped with 5 lenses and fixed focus.
  2. 4 model sizes expected. The same as it was in 2020, four new models will be represented in a line to cater to the broadest groups of consumers. Although, the line can be smaller in numbers if the sales results won’t be great for any particular model of the 2020 line.
  3. Better 5G global infrastructure in 2022 should allow increased shipments of iPhones of 13 and later models next years, along with returning to traditional September announcements on company novelties beginning from 2021 and further on.
  4. ProMotion displays of smartphones will be 120 Hz.
  5. Camera sensors will be improved.
  6. There is no certainty on whether chargers will be back into the standard set.

The list above is shaky, as everything can change.

Already in 2021, there will be shifts to 6G protocol in Apple but it seems slim to none it will be implemented in models 13. The possibility of soon widespread of 6G in technologically advanced countries exists, as China has recently launched the 6G satellite up in the skies, so the rest of the world inevitably will have to catch up with this technology. When and if, specialists predict that 6G support will be granted for iPhones not before model 15, which is the year 2023.