OS Applications Now Possible in iPhone

The iPhone is considered to be the smartest phone ever created. Made by Apple, it combines such revolutionary technologies such as touch-screen interface, virtual keyboard, Internet connectivity, iPod, and basic phone functions.

But a lot of people are dissatisfied. This is because the iPhone is not open to other platforms, which makes it uncustomizable. You cannot install any other programs, or any open source applications.

Nevertheless, all hope is not lost, as latest development suggests that you can now create your third-party applications intended for your iPhone. This is viewed to be one of the most important hacking achievements.

So how did someone do that? An anonymous hacker who has worked extensively with ARM processors developed a “Hello, World!” application and ran it in the iPhone.

It wasn’t long, however, before tools started to get better and more applications are produced. In just a span of a few days, the group called iPhone Dev Wiki has expanded their created applications by refining their build tools. This has given a lot of people the opportunity to develop their respective applications and run them in the iPhone. The tools are still in its early stages, yet a clever debugger is already in place, so everyone will just have to expect a lot of progress in the coming days.

With even such rudimentary tools, programmers can compile as well as run certain third-party programs, such as open source applications. This includes Python, Apache, and Dropbear SSH suite, among others. You may also get to compile some of your Unix favorites such as vim.

If you are interested in these kinds of hacks and you would like to use them in your phone, all binaries and compilers of some of the mentioned programs can be obtained in iPhone Dev Wiki. Meanwhile, one cannot expect any graphical third-party software or even kernel alterations for the phone anytime soon. These things, however, require, more advanced kinds of tools.
The current breed of OS applications is a very big step forward. SSH along with the other tools can definitely pave the way to more decent capabilities. By building these applications, developers gain more knowledge and experience. Thus, we all just need to sit back, relax, and anticipate these number of applications to grow as the toolchain improves gradually.