On this iPhone (iPad), the maximum number of free accounts is activated – solution

In this article we will talk about a common problem, with which (more often) users encounter, bought a used iPhone smartphone or iPad tablet.

Often, an iOS device refuses to activate an Apple ID account, citing an error: «Login failed. On this iPhone (or iPad) activated limit free accounts«. What to do in this case?

Why it happens?

If the iOS device had several owners before, how was it put up for sale, then the situation is quite possible, when to create a new Apple ID account without binding a credit card on the gadget will no longer be possible. The reason is simple – Apple set a limit on the number of free accounts for one device. In particular, on one iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can only activate three Apple ID accounts. This does not apply to Apple ID accounts with an associated credit card — such accounts you can create and activate an infinite number of.

Clarify. You can register an Apple ID on a device with an used limit. But, here to activate (make the first launch of the account on any device) — not.

When trying to activate Apple ID without a credit card over-limit, the device will display an error message: «Unable to log in. On this iPhone (or iPad) activated limit free accounts».

How to solve a problem?

The only correct solution is to register and activate your Apple ID from any other «apple» devices. It can be like another iPhone and, eg, iPad tablet, iPod Touch Media Player or Mac Computer.

We draw your attention to Security Questions, the creation of which is required when registering any Apple ID account. What is it for and how to do everything without errors is described in this material.

To activate the created account on another iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or Mac, open the standard Settings application, go to the iCloud section and at the very bottom click Exit (when, if the account is configured on the device).

On Mac on OS X, the Exit button is on the bottom left.

Next, log in to iCloud with the new Apple ID, which will be its activation.

After activating the Apple ID account using the above method, you can use it on any of «apple» user devices, including, on iphone, iPod Touch, iPad or Mac, on which account creation was prohibited by the existing limit.