Nine more exciting facts about Apple Inc.

In one of the previous articles, we’ve started a series of exciting facts about Apple company. In this one, we continue to familiarize you with them.

  1. Despite that the company only employs 137,000 people, millions more all over the world earn along, as they make and sell associated products: software, phone cases, tuning products, holders, podcasts, websites with Apple information, and more.
  2. Hugely successful product, iPod, was denied by two other companies: Philips and Real Networks, as they have considered it commercially unviable.
  3. Apple has made the first-ever commercial computer with a mouse and GUI (Graphical User Interface) – Lisa, in 1983. All other PCs before were only used textual input as a method of passing commands. But the price of Lisa ($9,995) was so high that almost nobody could afford to have it, and it was really slow, with only 1 Mb RAM and 5 MHz CPU.
  4. Apple has so much free cash on hands that it can purchase any of these companies: Intel ($231 Billion market capitalization), AT&T ($209 B), Coca-Cola ($190 B), Bank of America ($185 B), Pfizer ($181 B), Walt Disney ($174 B), PepsiCo. ($167 B), Cisco Systems ($167 B), Netflix ($165 B), Nvidia ($161 B), Oracle ($152 B), or Chevron ($137 B). Currently, the cash held on hand in Apple is over $200 billion.The Emergence of Apple Inc as a Global Giant! - Business Excellence &  Integrity Int (CBF)
  5. One of Apple’s first logos was a drawing made by Sir Isaac Newton, physicist, mathematician, and astronomer (1643-1727).
  6. If Apple’s market capitalization were a GDP, as countries in the world have, it would rank #8, between Italy and France, representing 10% of the USA’s GDP and 2% of the world’s entire GDP.
  7. Apple is the first company in the world amongst manufacturers of personal devices and gadgets that sold over 2 billion devices globally (1 billion iPhones are included in this amount).
  8. The ‘iPhone’ name may have never occurred, as the company considered other names for it, such as iPod, Tripod, Telepod, and Mobi.
  9. Steve Jobs is also a founder of Pixar Animation Studios, which is now a part of Disney. The acquisition of Pixar cost Disney $7.4 billion in money and Disney shares, making Steve Jobs the biggest private shareholder of Disney at the time. This high-awarded studio shot such animated blockbusters as Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, Cars, Ratatouille, Wall-E, Up!, Brave, Inside Out, Coco, and Incredibles (all original movies and their continuations).