New in iOS 13: How to scan documents on iPhone and iPad directly from the Files app

In addition to such convenient features, like file sharing in iCloud Drive, archiving or unzipping files, starting with iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 another great opportunity, associated with the application «Files».

You can scan documents directly from it and save them in the place you need.

This is a pretty good way to save some money by not having to purchase a special document scanning application. And this function will save time and effort at the expense of a simple, logical and quick way to scan documents. With a little instruction we will tell you, how on iOS you can scan documents directly from the application «Files».

How the built-in scanner works on iPhone and iPad

Open app «Files» on iPhone or iPad, and then follow these steps to scan a document:

  1. Click «Overview» at the bottom of the application «Files».
  2. Press button «Yet» (three dots icon) at the top of the menu.
  3. Select «Scan documents».
  4. Place the document on the screen and press the button to take a picture.
  5. Then you can move the borders of the corners, to set the scanned document to your discretion. It remains only to press the button «Reshoot» or «Leave».
  6. If you have another page to scan, then it can be removed in the same way on the next screen.
  7. After scanning, click «Save». This must be done, otherwise, you will receive a warning asking if the scan results are canceled.
  8. Choose a place to store scans (can create a separate folder, as in our case) and press «Save».

Ability to scan documents directly from the application «Files» in iOS 13 – awesome feature. You no longer need to worry about finding a third-party document scanning application, and it is possible to save documents in the right place.

Left paper on paper, on right – the resulting scan.